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Abatement: Asbestos / Lead / Mold / Underground Oil

Lead-paint and Asbestos Assessments
Lead Paint and Asbestos Assessment services are available by licensed inspectors. Lead paint is especially dangerous to children under six years of age and loose asbestos fibers are dangerous to anyone exposed.

Lead was used in paint prior to 1978. Asbestos is still used in many building products. Our Lead Paint and Asbestos Hazard Assessments will tell you which areas are potentially hazardous and what you can do to reduce the risk of injury.

Underground Oil Storage Tank Leakage Testing
If you are purchasing a home with an underground oil storage tank, you should think about having a it tested for leakage. Our services include soil sampling and testing to be sure the petroleum hydrocarbon content is within the State of Connecticut standards. Don't get stuck with the financial disaster of a leaking underground oil storage tank when testing is so affordable.

Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessment
Most individuals who purchase commercial property ask for a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. If the purchaser doesn’t, the lender usually does. AA-MSA environmental professionals have extensive experience in recognizing conditions and past property uses that may have left behind an environmental hazard or contamination.

Our experience in conducting Phase 1, 2 & 3 Environmental Site Assessments on commercial, industrial & residential property has made us the industry leader in New England. Our reports adhere to ASTM Standard E-1527-05, assuring universal acceptance by purchasers and lenders.

Our qualified, licensed & certified staff perform the following Environmental Site Assessment services:
  • Asbestos testing & abatement
  • Lead-paint Inspector, abatement & Insurance certification
  • Mold / Air Testing and Remediation
  • Phase I & II Site Assessment
  • Radon in Air & Water Testing
  • Septic Inspector
  • Soil Testing & Remediation
  • Underground Storage Tank Testing & Replacement
  • Water Quality & Quantity Testing

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