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How To Guide - Siding Removal to Install Flashing

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How to remove the siding for flashing. Some builders prefer to not remove the siding barrier between the house and the deck frame. We feel it is important for a properly secure ledger to always be touching flat to the frame of the house for its strongest hold. You can only achieve this by removing the siding.

Vinyl or Aluminum siding can simply be removed from an area one foot around the deck frame. You then just cut it to fit back around the frame and flashing when the deck is completed. Be sure to purchase a "J Channel" to make a clean transition from the siding to the deck frame.

Wood or concrete-composite siding can be cut carefully with a circular saw leaving an extra inch around the finished measurement for flashing. Be sure to cut your wood siding ½" off the finished deck floor height so it doesn't wick water off the floor and cause rot.

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