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Buying a commercial property, office, apartment or commercial building or a warehouse? AA-MSA building inspectors are skillfully trained to recognize defects. Our inspectors work with you to identify defects and discuss cost-effective repair solutions.

Want an inspector whose qualifications exceed lender requirements? Someone whose skill is beyond question? Call AA-MSA.

Our inspectors hold numerous licenses including: 

Testing: Water / Air / Termite / Lead-paint / XRF

Radon Testing

Do you know what the 2nd highest cause of lung cancer in America is? According to the EPA, here in CT, it’s deadly Radon gas! That’s right! The EPA and the U.S. Dept. of Health say that Radon’s cancer-causing qualities affect young and old alike and that children are especially susceptible. When we come back on the line, please remember to have us explain how a simple, inexpensive EPA-approved test can save you from exposure to this dreaded health hazard.

Termite and Wood-destroying Insect Inspector

Subterranean termites cause millions of dollars of damage each year. Worker termites are only 1/4″ long. A nest can consist of up to one million members and feed on anything made of wood within a 1/4 acre of the nest.

Carpenter ants are 1/4 to 1/2″ in size and prefer damp wood as their nesting site. They chew out galleries in the wood thereby weakening and damaging the wood. A colony can consist of anywhere from several thousand to fifteen thousand workers.

If wood-destroying insect damage is found at the time of Inspector, the Seller usually pays for the cost of eradicating the infestation. Be sure to include a wood-destroying insect inspector with your structural evaluation.

Termite Protction Plan (available at our on-line store)

A termite treatment can cost $1000 or more! Our premium inspector package includes a radon test and our exclusive termite protection plan. In the event of an infestation within 12 months of our inspector, the plan pays for the cost of termite treatment.

Water Sampling

If you have well water, your lender will require a potability/bacteria exam. This is only the bare minimum analysis. You should also consider lab analysis for the chemical and physical characteristics of the water. This allows the lab to do a comparative analysis for odor, color, iron, and manganese.

Other worthwhile tests include the lead in water in pipes. Lead in pipes results from the high lead content of solder that was used extensively prior to 1980.

If you have a well and are concerned about whether it has sufficient capacity to avoid running dry, we offer well performance and yield testing as well. Like all tests, the well water performance test should be scheduled to take place at the same time as the structural inspector.