We recognize that we are living in perilous times and are dedicated to keeping our employees and clients secure. If you prefer to stay at home, your inspector will be pleased to meet with you outside or over the phone. All inspectors will be wearing PPE and sanitizing everything they touch, as well as adopting extra-safe hygiene, which should make everyone feel safer. We hope you’ll be on the lookout as well.


Policies for COVID-19 Home Inspections:

  1. Throughout the examination, all parties must wear a mask.
  2. Maintain a social buffer between yourself and the inspector.
  3. Please do not attend the inspection if you or anyone you’ve been in contact with has been sick. If you are unable or uncomfortable attending the inspection, our inspectors are pleased to speak with you over the phone afterward.
  4. Please make the inspection appointment a top priority in order to acquire information about the property’s condition. (This is not the time to take measurements, schedule other appointments, or offer family/friends tours of the house!)
  5. During the inspection, only one buyer representative and one real estate professional are permitted to enter the house alongside the inspector.

We pledge to do everything we can to keep our piece of the real estate market secure and dependable. Thank you for collaborating with us to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is protected throughout this period. If you have any questions or require more services, please contact us at (203) 988-4399