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Thank you for visiting us on-line. We offer residential & commercial Inspectors that include a complete Structural, Roof & Mechanical assessment. Our inspectors work for you to find defects that can cost you thousands. We meet with you on the day of Inspector and … in easy to understand terms, we point out defects and conditions that could lead to failure and unexpected expense. We explain how each system operates and how to maintain them. We're the Buyer's Choice sm for reliable time-proven Inspector expertise. AA-MSA Inspectors are the best in the business? Know why? Well, it's because we care. We know what it took for you to get to this point and we're here to help you make certain that you and your investment are safe and secure for years to come. It's our promise!

Competitive Price Guaranty Policy
We recognize the need to be competitive. We quote the absolute lowest price. We guaranty that the price we charge will be the lowest price you'll hear for at least 90 days after the Inspector! That's right! If by chance you hear a lower price before or after the Inspector, call us and we'll refund the difference plus five percent guaranteed! Speaking of discounts, if you've been shopping around, tell us the lowest price you've heard & we will beat it by at least five percent, guaranteed! We're always looking for ways to save our customers money. If you're a senior citizen, recently returned from active duty or a brave veteran, a policeman or a firefighter, be sure to ask about our discount program. Our finest service for America's finest! It's our way of saying thank you! Click here for a discount coupon.

Our Inspectors are highly trained full-time professionals
AA-MSA inspectors are licensed, certified and insured. And when I say insured, I mean errors and omissions insurance. Don't be fooled into having someone who doesn't even carry errors and omissions insurance, do your Inspector! If the person doing your Inspector doesn't qualify for errors and omissions insurance, he isn't qualified to do your Inspector! Choose an AA-MSA inspector and rest assured that he's qualified and insured!

ASHI ® Certified
Did you know that fewer than 1/3 of CT inspectors are ASHI ® certified? Surprised? Some are only interns who are still learning! Don't trust the most important purchase of your lifetime to someone who is still learning! Get an AA-MSA Inspector. Rest assured it will be done by a skillfully trained professional to the highest standard and strict requirements of ASHI ® the American Society of Home Inspectors ®.

OUR COMPETETIVE PRICE GUARANTY: Hear a lower price BEFORE we've done your Inspector and we'll beat it... Hear a lower price AFTER 90 days of your AA-MSA Inspector and we'll refund the difference! +10%... Guaranteed


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